Nederlands voor anderstaligen

Are you looking for some help with the Dutch language? Whether you want to learn the language for everyday use or for business purposes, we are here to help!

Dutch as a foreign language (NT2)

You largely determine the focus of your  language course yourself!  My tailor-made sessions tackle grammar, extend your vocabulary and most importantly refine your speaking skills.  Want to know more? Click the contact button.


Speak Dutch with your neighbours

Flexible private classes
Are you serious about learning Dutch? I can help you with bitesized lessons that get you speaking from the start. Do you want to chat to other parents at the school gate, be more confident about the language in everyday situations or at work? Or perhaps you want it all? I'll be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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Conversation classes 
Having a conversation in a language that is not yet your own, can be very hard. Why not learn Dutch together with friends, family or in a small group? 

You will immediately feel at home in our cosy classroom!
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Dutch in your own bubble
Info: module of 5 lessons, 2 hours per lesson
Data: flexible and customized

Engels voor businesss

Dutch for business purposes

In-company coaching 

Want to be able to communicate in a professional environment and be grammatically correct? Do you want to focus on making small talk on the work floor and develop your vocabulary?

Find the answers to these questions in our tailor-made language courses.


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